DEVA Holding Çerkezköy II manufacturing facilities located at the 110 km distance to Istanbul, founded on an area of 67,551 m2 in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, with closed facilities of 21,968 m2, comprise of state-of-the-art manufacturing buildings where solid oncology, sterile liquid oncology, animal health products and APIs are manufactured.

Solid Oncology Manufacturing Area

Products in tablet and capsule form are manufactured in the solid oncology manufacturing unit.

The total manufacturing quantity, which was 603,163 units in 2018, was 653,626 units with a 8% increase in 2019. .
Of the total of 653,626 units of products manufactured in 2019, 228,442 units were capsules and 425,184 units were tablets.

In addition, of the 425,184 units of product manufactured in tablet form, 111,649 units were manufactured for the European market, and of the 228,442 capsules, 104,236 were manufactured for the EU-Europe and US-American market.

Sterile Liquid Oncology Manufacturing Area

Products in sterile liquid and sterile lyophilized powder forms are manufactured in the Sterile Liquid Oncology Manufacturing unit.

The manufacturing quantity of the unit of 890,337 units in 2018 was 1,007,700 units in 2019 with a 13% increase.

Of the 1,007,700 units of products, liquid products comprise 756,174 units and lyophilized products comprise 251,526 units.

Sterile Animal Health Products Manufacturing Area

Products in sterile suspension and intramammary pomade form are manufactured in sterile animal health products manufacturing unit. The manufacturing quantity , which was 215,041 units in 2018, was 333,522 units in 2019, with a 55% increase.

Of the 333,522 units of product, suspensions comprise 327,294 units and sterile intramammary pomade products comprise 6,228 units.

Non-Sterile (Solid) Animal Health Products Manufacturing Area

7 tablet-form products, 16 large and small powder fill-form products and 1 bag powder fill-form product are being produced in the non-sterile animal health products manufacturing site.

This unit is divided into two subunits; non-betalactams and betalactams. While animal health products in tablet, powder and pouch form are manufactured in the non-betalactam unit, products in powder form are manufactured in the betalactams unit.

The production output of the unit, which was 1,478,543 units in 2018, increased to 2,411,678 units in 2019 with a 63% increase. Of these products, 2,242,333 units were tablets, and 169,345 were powders.

API Manufacturing Areas

The facilities have four separate designated API manufacturing units: non-betalactam API, betalactam non-sterile API, betalactam sterile API, and oncolytic API.

The API manufacturing quantity, which was 10,742 in 2018, was 14,617 in 2019, with an 36% increase. API productions are made according to internal and external customer demands.

23 different APIs are produced in non-betalactam, betalactam and oncology API production areas.

Of the 14,617 kg of API produced in total in 2019, 1,278 kg was produced as non-betalactam, 13,290 kg as betalactam and 49 kg as oncology APIs.

New product in 2019; validation productions for Apremilast and Tiotropium Bromide in non-betalactam API production department and for Pazopanib API in Oncolotic API production department were performed

In API manufacturing, the toxic gases arising from reaction are neutralized before being released to the atmosphere to minimize the environmental effects resulting from manufacturing activities.

To summarize, finished products production output in DEVA Holding A.Ş. Çerkezköy II facilities increased by 38% from 3,187,084 units in 2018 to 4,406,526 units in 2019.

The capacity utilization rate of Çerkezköy Main and API Manufacturing facilities is 92%.