Our Employment Practices

Aware of the fact that employees should be the ones to make a difference in corporations, selection and placement process is based on the strategies formed. During recruitments, different procedures are applied to find the most suitable candidate for a given position in the most efficient way. 

Within this framework the methods used include personality and general skill tests, foreign language tests, competency based interviews and Assessment Center practices.

Internship at DEVA

During summer, university students who are required to complete compulsory internship and during winter Vocational High-School students are offered training opportunities in an environment allowing them to implement their theoretical knowledge in practice and helping them prepare for jobs in business. 

Intern candidates are selected among incoming applications and invited to take part in a structured group interview and eligible ones are offered the opportunity to undergo training at the DEVA Holding Head Office and manufacturing facilities by taking into consideration the departments they wish to work in.

Career Management

Internal resources are given priority in promotions and internal candidates are offered the means to get promoted to suitable positions through Assessment Center practices consisting of Role Play, Case Study and Structured Interview Techniques.


Our company views training as an investment. It is the first and foremost duty of the Training and Development Department to ensure that this investment plays a primary role in attaining corporate targets. Face-to-face Interviews with executives, own training needs of an employee, tests and inventories applied as fit for the position are taken into account while determining training needs.

Vocational and personal development trainings are offered intensively to promote staff development. The purpose of these trainings is to respond to specific business needs and create measurable and observable results (that boost existing performance).